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Explore INVISIBLE FORCES in Kunsthalle Praha

1. 11. 2022

Don’t miss the last three weeks of the exhibition of Ondřej Zunka, one of the most successful Czech artists on the NFT scene, which also presents other Czech digital artists. The Invisible Forces project continues in the experimental space of Kunsthalle Praha until 21 November 2022.

Invisible Forces
Young generation of young artists

The Invisible Forces exhibition presents works by young Czech digital artists who explore various aspects of coexistence between organic life forms. The digital environment is a medium that enables the creation of complex illusions and simulations capable of transposing us into different environments, bodies, and times. The selected artists share a fascination with natural and physical processes, phenomena, and structures. Here, they offer us their individual perspectives on the diversity of life on the planet, albeit in formats that are not necessarily subject to the aesthetic or functional laws of our world.