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Explore of the 11th Signal Festival is completed

17. 10. 2023 → Signal 2023

The 11th Signal Festival is over and we’re glad you were with us for this years Explore. We’ve got a photo report from the whole festival for you, join us to recall the highlights.

© photo by Dušan Vondra / Flightgraf “Echo”
© photo by Jan Hlaváček / Playmodes “Horizon”
© photo by Jan Valášek / Dagmar Šubrtová “Axis Mundi”
© photo by Tomáš Slavík / Rafael Lozano-Hemmer “Thermal Drift”
© photo by Dušan Vondra / Michal Cimala a skupina ROXORM3N
© photo by Jiří Šebek / Ksawery Komputery “FLUX 2023”
© photo by Viktor Schwing / Federico Díaz “Concrete Layers”
© photo by Tomáš Slavík / V E K T R O S K O P
© photo by Viktor Schwing / Entangled Others “Sediment Nodes”
© photo by Jan Valášek / András László Nagy “Luminary Glyphs”

Thank you for being there with us again this year and you can already save the date of the next Signal Festival in your calendar – 10.-13. October 2024

Signal Festival team

© photo by @natytheninja / Signal Festival team