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Programme of Signal Festival 2020 is here!

2. 9. 2020

If you don’t know yet, we have good news for all fans of our festival. The eighth edition of the Signal Festival will take place this year! We will introduce you to 3 routes, 15 installations, a rich accompanying program and a number of novelties.

Festival theme

Many of you are asking us, what is Plan B? We originally had in mind environmental issues, the problems of deforestation of the landscape, the accumulation of waste, the carbon footprint. However, with the coronavirus crisis, this topic gained new meaning, which you can also notice in the thematic focus of some of this year’s installations. However, we do not look at the new situation pessimistically, we take it as a challenge and a chance to restart, which is also reflected in our visual this year.

Festival routes, installations and off programme

The biggest novelty of this year is the new festival route Holešovice. Here you can look forward to a magnificent 3D projection from the Spanish studio Onionlab in the Industrial Palace at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds. A visit of the dome projection in the Planetarium will certainly be a unique and breathtaking experience.

The route around the Old Town will be interwoven with big names of the Czech art scene, such as Milena Dopitová, whose kinetic installation will point out the impacts of modern society on nature, or Jiří Černický, who will draw you into the depths of the ocean with his projection in the Convent of St. Agnes.

On the Karlín route, you will get to see a captivating videomapping at Karlín Square or an interactive playful installation at Main Point Karlín. As part of the off program, you can look forward to, for example, audiovisual performances Vektroskop+ at the Archa Theater, or a neon installation by Michal Škapa on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Prague Market Square. And there is much more!

OnionLab – Superrar
Šimon Mašek + Josef Schmidt (CZ) – Permafrost
Planetum × Signal Productions (CZ) – Radical compromise

Coronavirus measures

We intensively discussed the safety of the festival with leading Czech epidemiologists. We have maximally shortened the time for which visitors stay in one place and thus the length of installations which will run in a loop. Installations are reasonably planned so that no one has to stay longer than 15 minutes at each location. We also plan very strict hygiene measures for the staff you’ll meet at the festival, as well as frequent disinfection of all festival premises. To enter the indoor installations of the festival, it is necessary to have a face mask. However, please always wear it as a precaution.


You can get to 4 paid installations within the main programme, which are located in the Industrial Palace of the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds, the Prague Planetarium, the Hauch Gallery and in the garden of the Convent of St. Agnes, with a purchased Signal Pass. You can also newly buy a family festival pass. Presale is already launched, so don’t hesitate, the price of tickets will gradually rise! You can get them here.

The complete programme, including a practical map, can be found here.