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How do we cooperate across Europe?

27. 5. 2024

This year, Signal Festival joins the creative mission of CO-VISION. The goal is to discuss nature protection across Europe — in a digital yet engaging form. That’s why we’re participating in CO-VISION together with other renowned European institutions from the sphere of digital arts and culture: from the Belgian Kick Festival and NTNU University of Oslo right through to the VIDEOCITTÀ Festival in Rome. But what exactly does this all mean?

Let’s talk about natural heritage… just a little bit differently

Created with the local audiences in mind, the CO-VISION program strives to engage the general public in a debate about the environment and natural conservation. But let’s be honest: we all know that the protection of local fauna and flora often takes a back burner to other pressing issues these days. That’s why this European platform aspires to bring the topic back into the game — but in a creative way. Through innovative digital festivals such as Signal Festival, CO-VISION translates the complex contemporary issues in the interactive language of art.

How will Signal Festival join the discussion?

Next year, you can look forward to one artwork addressing the topic of nature conservation here in the Czech Republic. Expect nothing less than a multi-dimensional installation that will delve deep into the issue. Involving the community of international artists, the artwork will be accompanied by on-theme events. Will it be about forest ecosystems, dwindling lake areas, or rare plant species? Stay tuned. Besides the installation itself, you can also look forward to lively debates and interesting international workshops.

What else is coming up?

CO-VISION is not the only initiative we are working on with partners across Europe. For the third year in a row, we are members of the international art platform DIGITAL/INTERSECTION. Supporting digital art and new media, this platform consists of three other European digital art institutions — the French festival Chroniques from Marseilles, the Belgian Kikk, and the Croatian festival Kontejner from Zagreb — as well as partner agencies in Berlin and Montreal. Thanks to this robust international project, we seek to map the current state of digital art and culture. Ultimately, we will establish a European agency to support this particular sphere of art. This will also give art installations a better chance to travel abroad, connecting the European art scene with the global one.