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How to spend a Saturday and Sunday night at Signal Festival

14. 10. 2023 → Signal 2023

The festival weekend is in full swing and we bring you some tips you should take advantage of today.

V E K T R O S K O P △

You should not miss the audiovisual performance of V E K T R O S K O P △. During the two performances, which take place at 20:30 and 22:00, you can see artists such as Beata Hlavenková, Leoš Hort (HRTL), Jan Burian Jr. and David Vrbík. Live music, a piano controlled by a robotic hand, programmed mobile objects, pure physical improvisation, lasers and beams of “ordinary” light, acoustic and electronic music- is all V E K T R O S K O P △.

This performance is not part of Signal Plus and Signal VIP tickets can only be purchased in the GoOut network and we offer discounted admission for Signal Plus and Signal VIP holders, students and children.

© photo by Tomáš Slavík / V E K T R O S K O P

Satellite installation

New to this year’s festival are satellite installations, existing artworks in public space that will come to life with light projections thanks to Signal Festival. The first satellite is the eight-metre high sculpture Aerial, made of high-strength concrete by multimedia artist Federico Díaz, accompanied by the video projection Concrete Layers by artist Jan Hladil and musician Jonáš Rosůlek.

© photo by Viktor Schwing / Federico Díaz “Concrete Layers”

The second satellite is also an iconic work by Zdeněk Sýkora, Tiling of the Letenský Tunnel’s Ventilation Chimneys. The black and white structure of one of the first Czech artists to use computer-generated visual language to create a work of art will be played out by audiovisual artist David Vrbík with his laser projections during the Signal Festival.

© photo by Tomáš Slavík / Zdeněk Sýkora “Tiling of the ventilation towers of the Letenský tunnel in Prague”

The first children’s installation of the Signal Festival

Signal Playground: Rainbow by Czech studio 3dsense is the first ever installation designed primarily for children’s visitors to the Signal Festival. It is also the only one open from 14:00 both today and Sunday 15.10.

© photo by Viktor Schwing / 3dsense “Signal Playgroudn: Rainbow