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Presenting the St. Lucia project

28. 11. 2023 → Signal 2023

We have joined forces with the Galerie hlavního města Prahy (GHMP) and together we are preparing for you the project St. Lucie, which will take place from 12th to 13th December on the premises of the Troja Château. Entrance will be FREE.

The collaboration is a unique opportunity to connect Baroque architecture and contemporary art projects that use light as their main medium.


The Feast of Saint Lucia, which takes place on 13 December, is the period of the winter solstice and therefore the longest night of the year. But we won’t have a black hour, we’ll light up the halls and gardens of Troja Château for you with four light installations by local and international artists.


During two days you will be able to visit 2 exterior and 2 interior installations.

Artist Jan Poš will prepare an interactive installation Kolektor working with the geometric order of the garden of Troja Château and the natural element of water.

The artistic duo Chris Salter and Alexandre Saunier will work with a dynamic projection of light on the facade of the château, the work SNN#2 is based on the principles of László-Moholy Nagy’s light play and has been part of exhibitions in several leading European galleries.

In the main hall of the castle, the artist Klára Horáčková will present the installation Ghost in the Machine, which plays with light images of the entire space of the hall with accents on the fresco painting. The installation was part of the Signal Festival 2019 program.

In the stables of the castle, lighting designer Karel Šimek will create a special projection with laser lights. The artist works for Remonovan theatre institutions and cooperated on the projection, which was part of the Signal Festival 2022.


Troja Château
12. a 13. December 2023
17:00 – 0:00
Free entry

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