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This year we are going to #signalwithfacemask

29. 9. 2020 → Signal 2020

We do not take the current situation lightly and we try to organize the festival so that it is as safe as possible. We have launched the #signalwithfacemask campaign, in which we ask you all to wear a face mask throughout the festival, even in case of outdoor installations. Access to all indoor premises will be allowed only with a face mask. We won’t be able to see your happy smiles this year, but we believe that this year’s program will raise them anyway.

In order for the Signal Festival to run as smoothly as possible, we are preparing other very strict hygiene measures. We are preparing them in accordance with valid decrees and government measures in cooperation with safety experts from the Prague company Crowd Safety, which took care of measures in the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic for the City of Prague or coordinated the safe celebrations on November 17, 2019. We ask everyone to follow four-fold rule: mask, distance, disinfectant and respect. Safety is currently our highest priority, you can find everything important on this topic here.

“The situation is dramatic. Throughout the preparation of Signal Festival, we actively communicate with the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic, Jarmila Rážová, and the Hygiene Station of the Capital City of Prague. We received a statement from these two entities, that under current government regulations, Signal Festival, which begins on October 15, 2020, may take place. Signal Festival is extremely specific. It is an exhibition, but it takes place in a public space, it is spread over twelve locations in three parts of the city, it runs five hours a day in duration of four days. In addition, the individual works of art run mainly in loops that are no longer than 15 minutes. We have prepared all locations so that the festival is completely safe for the visitor – we have reduced capacity, we will strictly adhere to the 4R rule – hands, distance, mask, mutual respect and above all, in case of any complications, such as unplanned increase in movement, we are ready to turn off the festival installation any moment. The safety of visitors is the main topic for us at the moment. At the same time, however, I consider it absolutely crucial to keep the cultural scene alive and not to disrupt cultural events.”

  • Martin Pošta, director of the Signal Festival

Martin Pošta