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We are part of the Prague Spring!

13. 5. 2024

On Sunday 12 May, the 79th edition of the Prague Spring Festival broke out, bringing fifty concerts with strong international participation, workshops, meetings with artists, and other accompanying events until 3 June. And we are there this year too!

What is a Czech, a musician?

We have joined forces with the Oficina Creative Studio and, under the guidance of our agency Signal Creative, we have created the installation “Czech, a musician”, which you can visit until 3 June. The installation is located in front of the Rudolfinum

About the installation

The Prague Spring Festival is this year’s spectacular celebration of the Year of Czech Music. And we want to celebrate not only through authors from ancient chapters of the history of music, but also directly with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to enter and in accordance with the well-known saying “every Czech is a musician” get involved in the music scene. By approaching the individual “tribes” you will hear examples of from the works of this year’s key composers. You will immerse yourself in the famous melody of the Vltava from Smetana’s cycle My Country, the complexity of the musical worlds of Miroslav Srnka and his Superorganisms, or the haunting rhythms of Krystof Mařatka’s The Lure.

The installation space consists of 16 light columns that display the frequency spectrum of the song. The installation also functions as an interactive musical instrument, where the spaces between columns form individual keys. The moment a visitor enters the field between the columns, a tone or sound harmonised with the song is played. By his movement, he completes the composition. And you can think about how classical music has made a small country a world power, how we can remain a world power, or whether the saying in the name of our installation still holds.