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We attended the Tezos Fellowship and now you can attend too!

9. 6. 2022 → Signal Festival at Tezos Fellowship

Introducing the project Unlocking Web3 for the Arts and Culture (WAC Lab) – an innovation lab where arts professionals, institutions, technologists, and strategists come together to learn, discuss and experiment with Web3 apps with a specific focus on the Tezos blockchain. This year we joined the WAC, along with 7 other internationally recognized institutions.

This project also includes a hackathon where we invite you to build a code base for future Web3 use cases in arts and culture on the Tezos blockchain. You can participate in workshops on interacting with Web3, NFT ticketing, tokenomics for curated DAOs, integrating Web3 in virtual spaces, and much more. 

What are the objectives of the project?

This project has two main goals. The first is to engage cultural institutions with Web3 and identify new use cases. The second goal is to provide open-source patterns for other museums, festivals, and other institutions to build their own future using Web3. 

How and where can you get involved?

Anyone can get involved, no technical knowledge is required. You can sign up at https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/wac/onboard for more details about the hackathon. 

How long will the hackathon last?

This virtual hackathon started on Wednesday 25 May, but you have time until 25 June. Submit your project via Gitcoin.

What can you win?

The Tezos Gitcoin Hackathon offers $50,000 in its prize pools. 

Who participated in the fellowship with us?

BeFantastic (India), C/O Berlin (Germany), Light Art Space Foundation (Germany), NXT Museum (The Netherlands), Octobre Numérique (France), Van Gogh Museum (The Netherlands), and Villa Albertine (United States).

The WAC Lab, powered by the Tezos ecosystem, is organized by We Are Museums and TZ Connect in collaboration with Blockchain Art Directory 2.0, MOTI Foundation, and Gitcoin.