Artists TBA (CZ)

The exhibiting artists know each other, they have already collaborated together or “shined” together at an event. They form a specific scene of artists working with the medium of light, kineticism, or similar principles. Together they build one scene, one artistic direction in which they are both inspiration and rivals. This is the first time this line-up meets in the gallery. It is also the first time that many of them get the opportunity to exhibit their work elsewhere than during the rave. While some artists will present works that showcase their current ideas and work, others will look back and update projects they have already completed. The curator of the exhibition is Marek Šilpoch.

The acronym TBA, To Be Announced, has been used and is used by various collectives in the rave subculture also in conjunction with “Location TBA” to create tension and curiosity in the visitors and to establish or underline the (now rather pseudo) illegality of their events. However, many times this trick was also used for another reason – the location itself was complicated and difficult to arrange, and therefore many times it was not clear until the last moment where and if the rave would take place at all. Artist TBA refers to this trend, to the early days of illegal rave parties, where it was more about the lure of the collective experience itself than the classic concert line-up, the whole cult of anonymity, and the hidden identity aspects inherent in this subculture. Here it is thus used to communicate and gradually reveal several different installations by artists, performers, and collectives of this mysterious world.