Vítězslav Plavec and Filip Zeman (CZ)

Vítězslav Plavec is an emerging artist and a student of Fine Arts – Creation in Public Space at the Faculty of Art and Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec. His main interest is in spatial installations. He often uses modern technologies and materials. The common theme of his works is light and its relation to the perception of space and illusion. Since 2018, he has been working in Richard Loskot’s UAII group.

Filip Zeman is a student of Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the Technical University of Liberec. In his work, both in architecture and free art, he works with the theme of time and shabby elegance and tries to break down the boundaries between the viewer and the object through a kind of “aesthetic ugliness”. He seeks a balance between art and architecture and its influence on public space.