Telenoika (ES) → Alive Silhouette

About project

Alive silhouette is a concept that can bear several ideas that the authors found interesting or creatively rich on what concerns to Czech culture. They take inspiration on the drawings and paintings of one of the pioneers of computer generated art Zdenek Sýkora. But the research lead them to another kind of not so computerly geek artists too, who were also pioneers in their fields. An example of those are stop motion and filmaking artists such as Jiří Bárta and Karel Zeman, among others. Another inspiration was taken from Franz Kafka’s work and imagery. Trying to tie all those concepts and ideas, Telenoika landed a proposal which is based on four creative materials supports – glass, clay, wood and digital input.

About artist

Found in 2000, Telenoika was created as a group of people interested in audiovisual creation, which desired to share knowledge with the public and to present to them the constant innovations of the artistic languages produced thanks to the democratization that the arrival of new domestic audiovisual technologies has meant. Nowadays Telenoika supports emerging artists by means of subsidies for research and grants for artistic production, as well as audiovisual training through an affordable and varied program of workshops, presentations, and courses.