Romain Tardy (FR) → #DÉFILÉ

About project

Some things that were born and grown on the Internet are now part of our daily life. Some very specific fragments of it take the shape of visual elements and became cultural and universal references for many of us. They affect the way we express ourselves, the way we write, or our sense of humor. Coming from what we used to call the virtual, they are realer than ever.
#DÉFILÉ is an attempt to highlight this phenomenon, through a free interpretation of something that can’t be defined precisely due to its elusive nature.
The installation takes the shape of a huge structure in the shape of web browser window hanging on a building. Both elements are augmented with videoprojection using the video mapping technique, which is also a bridge between the virtual and the real. Between the computer-generated graphics and the world of human perception.

(c) #DÉFILÉ, a project by Romain Tardy
concept & visual design: Romain Tardy
music: Squeaky Lobster
management & production: Nicolas Boritch

About artist

As a co-founder of visual label ANTIVJ, Romain Tardy is focused on tangible “offline” artistic installations and he definitely doesn't consider his artwork to be digital art. He creates static as well as animated objects of various sizes and he claims that the space he gets for his work definitely does not limit him. He comes from Paris but after years in the French capital, he relocated to Brussels where he currently lives and creates his artwork.