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About project

Video mapping enriched by an interactive interlude when spectators were invited, in a playful way, to control parts of the visualization by their own body movements. More spectators were able to participate in the installation at the same time within a marked area right on the National Theatre Piazzeta, the final image depended on the number of spectators and their non-verbal communication. The installation offered an entertaining social game inviting more people to cooperate. Front of the building was brightened by an atmospheric animation with technicist images depicting the people moving within the marked rectangle. The spectators were scanned by several 3D sensors (Kinect) and the ever-changing visualization of lines connecting the individual spectators was created in real time depending on their postures.

About artist

3dsense is a creative studio comprising artists and programmers that make use of combining high-end technological procedures and artistic elements to create unique interactive performances. Its artwork includes light design, large scale projections, video mapping shows, museum exhibits, scenography, or VR&AR applications.

3dsense regularly takes part in international light festivals. Among already implemented projects we can mention an eerie installation The Colour Out of Space exhibited at Lux Helsinki or a large scale installation IRIS presented at White Night in Melbourne and Ballarat. Besides the aforesaid, they recently realized interactive video mapping on Prague State Opera, a large scale light show on the occasion of November 17 in the Národní street or the Kings of the Sun exhibition in the National Museum.