Pavla Beranová & Julie Boniche (CZ/FR) → Papillon de nuit /2013

About project

Papillon de nuit. A moth. Our installation is inspired by these small animals,whose instincts, perception of space and sense of orientation are strongly related to the light.
Light guides them through their life to death.

An out of the ordinary night, in a corner of the city.
Strolling through the night, the visitor is looking for a little glow out of the darkness.
The moths are here. Whirling around to find the moon.
Animals, giving in to temptation, come to the edge of the light and come back from it,

Trust, confusion, attraction, temptation, experience.
Passages from obscurity to light, from one reality to another.

About artist

During her studies in France, Pavla Beranová got passionate about light. Upon returning to her home country, she studied at Masaryk University in Brno and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Meanwhile, she worked as a lighting designer and technician at Archa Theater in Prague. She gradually got opportunities to collaborate with many respected figures from contemporary theater, dance, and visual arts from the Czech Republic and abroad. She regularly contributes to projects exploring boundaries between performance and art installation, where she experiments with different media and technologies.

Originally from Paris, Julie Boniche is now based in Brussels, lived and worked across France, Spain, Germany, and the USA. She studied Interior Architecture at ESAG Penninghen in Paris and did a Master's degree in Lighting Design in 2010 in Madrid. Since then as a freelancer, she had the chance to partner with many creative innovators. She experiments with different media - light, space, video, and photography to contribute to different scale projects like art installations, theatre plays, performances, and architectural lighting designs.