Vojmír Křupka (CZ) → Pipeline

About project

An intangible green line of a rotating laser beam creating a cylindrical shape in the space above the heads of pedestrians; reflected in mirrors it moves along a slightly bending street. Moving along the street it ends in a circle projected on the front of a transversal street. Its behaviour can be hardly predicted: once it illuminates its surroundings, next it almost disappears into nothingness, as if it was feeling ashamed, and then it reappears. External factors keep it always changing, alive, pulsating. As if there was an unknown fluid flowing in it …

About artist

Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno - Studio of Sculpture. His work can be divided into three main fields - creating interactive conceptual sculptures (Series Alternative 2008-2009), light installation (Levels, Cylinder, Phase), and working with wood (Dryer, Horse). He takes part in both local and foreign sculpture symposia. Currently teaches at the Design and Fashion College in Prostějov. Since 2003 his work has been displayed in various exhibitions.