Richard Loskot and UAII studio (CZ) → Grand Spectrum

About project

Grand Spectrum is a monumental tribute to the natural phenomenon of the rainbow and its spectral effect. A circular projection system uses slowly moving artificial light sources to trigger overlapping spectra in a space where the visitors can enjoy the full variety of colours, from both outside and inside. Visitors’ shadows suddenly become part of the installation. The author says about his installation:  “In this enlarged laboratory experiment I let the visitors realize that light is all we see. The light contains all the information.”

About artist

Young Czech artist Richard Loskot explores the deconstruction of how technology works and criticizes social systems. He studied on the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Liberec. His unconventional installations combining visual arts and technology brought him big success both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He was twice a finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award and in 2013 also a finalist of the Belgian Blumm Prize.