Dávid Sivý (SK) → EVENT HORIZON / 2016

About project

In the general theory of relativity, the event horizon is the boundary of space-time beyond which events cannot be influenced by an outside observer. It is this phenomenon that has inspired Dávid Sivý to create an installation experience that powerfully affects the senses and perceptions of its attendees.

In this manner he has created a bridge from bustling streets full of people and streetcars through a tunnel of light whose intensity sharpens the senses, confronts attendees with their own perceptions of space, and creates ideal conditions for deeper contemplation.
At the end of the tunnel a true twist of nature awaits: a space illuminated with daylight, despite being long after dark.

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic serves as partner to this installation, and will feature the installation as part of its Science and Culture Week, the biggest science festival.

About artist

A graduate in design from the Faculty of Architecture of Prague’s Czech Technical University, Dávid Sivý uses his work to test the boundaries of art and experimental design. Sivý uses modern technology and new media as a means of expression that leads to the creation of sensual and conceptual installations. Given the nature of his work, he is a frequent initiator of cross-disciplinary collaborations that unite science and art.

Sivý is a member of the group R/FRM and co-author of the Laboratory of Silence project created for the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 world exhibition in Milan, where he presented a complex depiction of the Czech forest formed by the joining of forces of nature with the newest technologies.