Javier Riera (ES) → GARDEN IN DEVELOPMENT / 2016

About project

In this installation, as with much of his work, Javier Riera focuses on the peculiar relationship between geometry and nature. At the same time, the Garden in Development project examines other relationships as well, namely those created and destroyed between the viewer and the surrounding environment. Locations previously known in a completely different form are thereby transformed before the eyes of festival attendees and random passersby, all with the aid of light.
Riera considers geometry a natural part of the landscape, which shapes it and permeates it completely – thereby making it his ideal creative instrument. Approach his installation, allow yourself to be surrounded, and give yourself over to contemplation.

About artist

The Spanish artist Javier Riera examines the relationship between landscapes and geometry. For this reason, he usually installs his lighting displays in parks and gardens, thereby adopting certain principles of land art. The meditative character of his installations requires the integration of the viewer into a landscape altered by the artist.

Thus far Riera has presented his work at countless exhibitions, primarily in his native Spain, most notably at the prestigious Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.