Jan Šíma → KAREL IV.

About project

The unique sphere cupola SIGNAL Dome and its special 360° projection certainly draw the viewers into the plot.

Karel IV.

The new school year may have only recently begun, but some young pupils are surely missing the summer. One of them is Filip, who would rather skip school than attend. All of that changes, however, following his mysterious encounter with someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to that most famous of Czech kings. But how could Charles IV appear in 21st century Prague? And if it’s not him, how does he know all the details of the construction of the Charles Bridge, the founding of Charles University, and the era of Charles IV?

About artist


Jan Šíma is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, where he studied illustration, graphics, animation and videomapping.

He considers as an important milestone in his artistic development the fact of growing up in the 80s and 90s, whose cult aesthetic and period technological development had an indisputable influence on an entire generation of artists, then he was influenced by his studies in the atelier of academic painter Pavel Dvorsky at High school of arts and design in Brno.

While he first discovered art through drawing, his field of interest has now broadened considerably. He works in video and 2D and 3D animations. Currently, he is part of the label The Macula, collaborates with Czech Television as well as other creators of audiovisual works.