Juha Rouhikoski (FI) → KLANGFARBE / 2016

About project

The Klangfarbe Project makes use of one of many local passageways, popular shortcuts for hurried residents of Prague. From it a tunnel is created that overflows with color and light and literally draws its visitors into a narrow corridor where it creates a uniquely personal experience of light and color that tears them from the reality of the bustling metropolis.
Juha Rouhikoski works with a very intense light that completely bedazzles his viewers. At the moment when the installation is extinguished, a play of light appears in the eyes of the viewers, co-authored by their own retinas. Once the tunnel comes alive again, this illusion becomes integrated into the display, thereby collaborating in the creation of an original and irreproducible performance.

About artist

The Finnish artist Juha Rouhikoski is constantly exploring paths and possibilities for working with visible and invisible wavelengths of light. As a lighting designer he has worked on numerous productions from architectural illumination to theatrical lighting design, and as a result, has had the opportunity to explore all the possibilities of light and human vision.

His work is best described in words as the reduction of space, non-objectivity, and minimalism. His work unconditionally originates with seeing and feeling light in its purest form.

Rouhikoski has presented his work in his native Finland and in Paris, Nepal, and Stockholm. At present, he is working on artistic research for his doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.