Maotik (FR) → LIGHT SOWERS / 2016

About project

Even though autumn evenings tend to be chilly, this year they will light up with clouds of fireflies. Maotik takes his inspiration from the mysterious atmosphere that these almost fairylike creatures bring to the ordinary world. He has thus created a poetic installation that plays with the methods of mutual communication among swarms of fireflies.
Light Sowers is an interactive installation, and it will be up to the festival attendees to respond with movement to the lasers that illuminate them. Hundreds of silent and dim objects can therefore be transformed into a living world of fluttering night creatures only through their actions, as with a mere wave of the hand the attendees can themselves provide these fireflies with a source of light.

About artist

The artist Mathieu Le Sourd, better known by his pseudonym Maotik, lives and works in Montreal, where he focuses primarily on visually powerful multimedia shows and installations. His previous work, for example, includes a monumental project at the new terminal of the Los Angeles International Airport and projections for the world tour of the band Nine Inch Nails. He explores the relationship between art, science, and technology, and collaborates with experts throughout these disciplines. His projects have been presented in Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Mexico, and Montreal.