About project

The Monolith installation gives homage to the quiet and the noise of the city at night. This light object absorbs all surrounding light sources and transforms them into an engaging digital show. Through alternating landscapes and environments, the installation evokes the impression of a dynamic ride in Mercedes-Benz brand automobiles, providing its viewers with an original experience of night in the city full of light, energy, and elegance. An integral part of the installation is a hypnotic sound that was created specifically for the Monolith by world famous composer from Bosnia Billain.

This installation is composed of 3,328 LED bulbs. Each of them is an independent point of composition, capable of displaying the entire color spectrum. This technology ranks among the newest trends and is now appearing at SIGNAL for the first time ever.

About artist

Hyperbinary studio is founded by Signal Festival founders with the need to envision, design, and implement new artistic perspectives towards human identity and innovative technology. Driven by synthetic realities and deeply engaging moments in immersive audio-visual experiences, digital narratives, and interactive media performances. The studio collaborated with agencies, cultural institutes, media artists, technologists, and choreographers to explore humans in the digital age. Hyperbinary ceased to exist in 2018.