Can Buyukberber & Yagmur Uyanik (TR) → MORPHOGENESIS / 2016

About project

The term “morphogenesis” represents the biological process that causes organisms to take specific shapes. Inspired by this fascinating natural capacity for self-organization, the duo of Turkish artists Can Buyukberber and Yagmur Uyanik have created a performance consisting of a constant overflowing of basic geometric shapes and patterns. These gradually form their own building system that creates a space around visitors to the SIGNAL Dome, completely immersing them. The goal of this audiovisual journey through various aspects of the physical and biological world is to call attention to the mutual connectedness of all components of natural forces through time and space.

About artist

Yagmur Uyanik is an architect whose professional interests include new media, audio and computer design, and manufacturing technologies. Her conceptual art primarily includes structures and installations incorporating audio and spatial components.

Can Buyukberber is an artist and director specializing in visual art, motion graphics, and audiovisual performance. In San Francisco, he works primarily on projects that use sound, light, and space to draw viewers into his virtual reality. Can is a household name in the light art scene who has presented his work at festivals on multiple continents.

Yagmur and Can received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and as a result are currently studying at the art and technology departments of the San Francisco Art Institute.