Tigrelab (ES) → MUTIS / 2016

About project

The MUTIS project was created as a tribute to the Spanish explorer, botanist, and mathematician José Celestino Mutis. In his spirit, the installation presents a menagerie of eight unknown animal species that differ from those familiar to us as they have been created through movement, volume, and sound. These eight animal species are the result of a collaboration between the Tigrelab creative studio and eight guest sound designers and studios.

Through the scientist’s imaginary notebook, MUTIS enables visitors to enjoy an audiovisual experience associated with the architecture of an unknown planet where viewers will discover a world completely different from their own.

About artist

The core of the Barcelona studio Tigrelab is comprised of Javier Pinto, Mathieu Felix, and Federico Gonzalez. They focus on 2D and 3D animation, audiovisual works, and videomapping. Their greatest and most beloved specialty is to make interactive projects that unite high-quality graphic design and film. In their own words, their recipe for creating powerful experiences is to experiment, integrate all manner of elements, and learn from their own mistakes.

Tigrelab has presented its projects in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, New York, California, and more.