Daniel Rossa (DE) → POINT LINE SURFACE SOLID / 2016

About project

The project of four projections on four architectural gems throughout the world has now come to Prague! Daniel Rossa has decided to create his “site-specific” work on the façade of the Cathedral of St. Ludmila. As reflected in the title, the videomapping projects in this series join the four basic elements of creation: point, line, surface, and solid. With the help of these elements Daniel Rossa creates a breathtaking show through which he calls attention to the individual features of this Prague church while adhering closely to the foundations of its historical architecture, respecting its characteristics, and interpreting them through light art.

The artist has attended to the auditory aspect as well, for which he has drawn inspiration from the very character of St. Ludmila and its surroundings.

About artist

The German artist Daniel Rossa focuses primarily on graphic design and new media. He studied at the renowned Bauhaus-University Weimar, whose vision is to integrate art with science and technology. His own work reflects this principle, taking as its primary subject the integration of new relationships between reality and the digital world. Daniel Rossa travels the world with his work, for which he has been recognized throughout his career with a range of honors.