Anna Feyrerová, Bára Anna Stejskalová, Richard Dobřichovský, Tomáš Bukáček (CZ) → Heardt

About project

A specially customised highly interactive piano is surrounded by a four-meter human heart shaped structure. This is where music meets with light, thanks to visitors and their own play. By pressing a piano key, anyone can send a light impulse and create a bridge between their inner world of emotions and the surrounding reality. This effect is referred to by the authors as a ‘light current’. It creates an intimate bond between the actively involved participants and their listeners, who thus witness the visual rendition of music of the individual’s heart.

The project name is symptomatic. It is a combination of two English words – heart and (to be) heard. The HEARDT project itself gained great media attention at the beginning of this year, when it first received support from the Linhart Foundation and subsequently a grant and invitation to the desert in Black Rock City from the American Burning Man Festival.


The SIGNAL CALLING section reveals interesting projects, especially of the younger generation of Czech artists who work with light and draw attention to interesting places in Prague in an original way. These are indoor and outdoor light installations, interactive light projects, illumination of interesting architectural elements in the city or any other ideas related to the artistic use of light. The projects were selected for the section through an open call in which any artist or artistic group working long-term in the Czech Republic could participate. The patronage of this year’s SIGNAL CALLING has been assumed by ČT art.

ČT art – patron of the SIGNAL CALLING section

Art awakens the true personality in a person, moves limits of our perception and enrichens our life. Art is Česká televize (ČT – Czech TV), the general media partner of the SIGNAL Festival. Meet the generation of young Czech artists in the section titled SIGNAL CALLING powered by ČT art.

About artist

HEARDT consists of four young artists from the Czech Republic: Anna Feyrerová, a student of the Prague grammar school; filmmaker Bára Anna Stejskalová whose student film Rybáři (Fishermen) is now touring international festivals; light designer and founder of artistic group Blok_4 Tomáš Bukáček; and IT and computer graphic design specialist Richard Dobřichovský. In 2016 they joined their creative forces and created a project that is gaining success around the world.

Supported by

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  • ČT art