There will be no Signal Festival this October. We will announce Plan B soon.

We believed. Until the last moment. We believed that we would be able to make it and Signal Festival would take place this year. Unfortunately, we reached the moment when this is no longer possible…

We negotiated with Health Minister Roman Prymula, who told us that we will not be able to realize the festival this year. Not in the way you know it.

Until the last moment we believed and hoped. The whole team was incessantly adapting to the new measures and each of our steps was consulted with epidemiologists. We wanted to do everything for the festival to run smoothly and for us all to remain safe. Health has always been the top priority for us. And as we said earlier, we do not want to take unnecessary risks.

What to do now? We still see light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t know if it will shine this year or the next. One thing is certain, however. Even though we are swallowed up by darkness right now, we will light it up as soon as possible.

If you have purchased a Signal Pass for this year, we will be happy if you support us and keep your ticket for next time. If you want to refund your ticket, please contact GoOut. Thank you.


This year we are going to #signalwithfacemask

Hygiene measures are prepared by the Signal Festival team in accordance with applicable regulations and government measures in cooperation with safety experts and epidemiologists.

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