Boris Vitázek / Zuzana Sabová (SK) → Second Litany

About project

Pollygonally modelled faces are scattered around in clusters as known from traditional old Christian paintings. After all, worshipping deities, ceremonial cult, various religious groups and ceremonies have been part of our society since its beginnings. However astonishing it may sound, today we can observe principles of similar behaviours in the rave culture. Its atmosphere gives its participants space to pause, take a breath and let their thoughts flow freely.

Dance movements blend with prayers and wailings of ancient figures. They are accompanied by the musical component with a slow rhythm which adds an almost meditative character to the entire experience. With their installation for the SIGNAL Festival, Boris Vitázek and Zuzana Sabová follow on their project presented at the Bratislava’s White Night.

About artist

Artistic duo Boris Vitázek and Zuzana Sabová come from Bratislava. Their installations and projects connect Boris’ new media experience and Zuzana’s painting and sculpting work. Together they strive to enrich what the current art scene offers in the field of videomapping and murals, so they carefully work with themes and locations. They bring something unknown to them, something based on local specifics.

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