Zimoun (CH) → 216 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 70x70x70cm

7pm - 12am

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Swiss-based artist, Zimoun, describes his works of art exclusively with a title. In line with the philosophy of his entire work, he approaches even the question of a title in a very minimalist and functional way since he tends to enumerate the quantity and types of material used for the given work. The installation which he presents within the SIGNAL Festival in Hauch Gallery is therefore created from 216 pieces of dc-motors, cotton balls and cardboard boxes 70x70x70cm. Similarly to other of his projects, Zimoun again presents an installation displaying commonly used materials with his characteristic almost obsessive zeal and creates tension between neat modernistic patterns and chaotic life elements.

Installation will be available in the Hauch Gallery even after the festival, until October 21st.

About artist

Swiss artist based in Bern and creating under the pseudonym Zimoun. In his work he uses simple functional components and with their help he creates platforms based on the principles of architecture and sound. The common features of many of his projects are represented by ordinary objects used in industry, emotional depth and minimalist terminology.    

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