Hotaru Visual Guerrilla (ES) → Biofilms

7pm - 12am

About project

entry fee (3D glasses): 50 CZK

The expression “biofilm” indicates a diverse structure of microorganisms bound to the certain surface that create new and fully organic matter. Recently, several pioneering projects have proven that microorganisms are the actual possible way to create and maintain building materials.

This idea, however, dates back to the far more ancient times. Already the antique architect and scholar Vitruvius regarded architecture as illustration of nature. Birds build their nests, bees their hives and people originally used natural materials for building their houses.

Architecture and building industry more and more incline to sustainability trends and recycling. It might not take a long time till we live and work in smart buildings able to adjust to the climatic and other changes. And the buildings might be able to build themselves on their own one day…

Hotaru Visual Guerrila Studio presents in this 3D audio-visual composition its own interpretation of this futuristic concept.

About artist

Hotaru Visual Guerrilla, the independent creative studio from Basque Country, is formed by Jone Vizcaino and Ander Ugartemendia. They perceive every project as a newly born organism that gradually develops and grows – each one in a slightly different way. All projects have in common shifting limits of creative possibilities highlighting the sound elements that are considered to have the same importance as the visual form by this artist duo.

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