Simona Chládková & Matyáš Skalický (CZ) → GATEWAY

7pm - 11pm

About project

The genius loci of the Dejvice campus of the CTU seems to have been created exactly for a playful installation. Simona Chládková and Matyáš Skalický made use of it and created a light bridge connecting a tram stop with the National Technical Library and the Faculty of Architecture.

Particular frames of a lighting tube awaken with the entry of every visitor. In front of the audience the lights tremble and resemble an impatient firefly whereas they slowly fade out behind their backs. The entire installation is penetrated with friendly harmony between a man and the city and thus exhibits not only the beauty of the architecture in the campus but also casual atmosphere of the Prague quarter Dejvice.

About artist

While Simona Chládková is a student of design at the Faculty of Architecture, Matyáš Skalický studies at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague. Both authors have not only close but most importantly genuine relationship to the Dejvice campus of the CTU. Within the frame of their installation they are pleased to bring it closer also to festival goers.       

Supported by

  • Prague 6

  • ČT art