Tomáš Ullrich & Ivo Louda (CZ) → Horizon

7pm - 11pm

About project

How deep is virtual space and what role in perception is played by the sound? There is a horizontal line between two poles where on one side we may find the real and mechanical aspects and on the other side mechanical and digital aspects. An object floats in front of the festival audience and moves on the borderline of the environment defined in this way. Its harmony with the surroundings depends on perception of the nature of the object – whether the spectators perceive it as a real object or an illusion.

Horizon is a lightpoint that appears as a virtual object thanks to its unnatural deformation. This phenomenon has been created mechanically via electronic control of sensors of distance and noise level. The authors of the installation, Ivo Louda and Tomáš Ullrich, provoke the audience to reflect upon the borderline between the real and digital space and their mutual harmony. Where is the horizon between these parallels?

On Friday, Tichý svět and its deaf lectors will teach you sign language right by this installation. Using fluorescent gloves and special pictures, they will show and teach you how to sign the light, the signal or the tortoise,

About artist

Tomáš Ullrich is a student of architecture and urbanism at the Technical University in Liberec. He is focused on the borderline of reality and digital environment in his artwork and he works particularly with the light and matter.

Ivo Louda is a graduate of the same study program in Liberec. Currently, he works at the Department of Environmental Design where he is engaged in design in the public space. His current topic is line and space and he likes using diverse available technologies.

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