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Tickets are available online and at all 5 locations of the Gallery Zone (Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Clam-Gallas Palace, Mirror Chapel of Klementinum, Hauch Gallery, Bar/ák) from 7pm till midnight during all festival days.

Interactive installation is created by a structure of mirrors that make the borderline around – what else than – the Mirror Chapel of the Prague Klementinum. The mirrors are enabled to rotate through the space promptly in response to the movement of the festival goers and they simultaneously reflect the rays of light as well as the particular tones of the accompanying music. The installation mingles the light and the sound in such a natural way that their mutual boundaries fade away. The rotating surfaces of the mirrors reflect the exceptional architecture of the Mirror Chapel, faces of the surrounding audience as well as the flash of light, which gives birth to a unique, vertically disintegrated panoramic scene.

The reflection of the interior is disrupted with every curious look entering the scene. In art we meet with various paintings, sculptures and other works of art. Thanks to its character, however, Iris presents a completely different piece of work since here it is the space itself within which the installation is situated that is believed to be the artistic medium.

About artist

Through a great variety of different media, the design studio based in New York City focuses primarily on innovative ideas which the studio uses to create its interactive installations, immersive projections or large-scale sculptures. Irrespective of the final form of its project, the SOFTlab does not neglect the preparation stage and always elaborates a thorough research and experiments. Hard work seems to pay off – the studio has gained high acclaim and professional prizes for its projects created for MoMA, The New York Times or for the Columbia University.          

Supported by

  • US Embassy

  • National library of the Czech Republic