Michal Škapa (CZ) → Neon

7pm - 11pm

About project

A human silhouette, human skeleton, nervous system and metaphorically also human body and soul reveals from the darkness. With his object, Michal Škapa follows up to the history of the Atrium in Žižkov, the tragic periods of plagues and wars and the citizens clinging to belief.

Luminosity in neon tubes highlights the gas that serves for Michal Škapa as a metaphor for an invisible soul of the place.

Use of neon tubes is a follow up to the acclaimed author’s artwork in which he interconnects painting and neon in one unity. Apart from that, he refers to a strong tradition of neon signs without which we cannot imagine Prague at the times of the first republic.

The installation at the Atrium premises is accompanied with the object Flag which is a small contribution to the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic.

About artist

Michal Škapa belongs among the most outstanding authors of the Czech graffiti scene. He works in the collective of authors of the legendary Trafačka Gallery in Prague. His free work ranges from murals, through acrylic manuscript abstractions, and airbrush figurative compositions, to site-specific installations and spatial objects. He is the co-founder of the Analog!Bros serigraphic workshop and cooperates closely with the BiggBoss label.

Supported by

  • Prague 3

  • Atrium Žižkov