(DE) → Nucleus3

7pm - 11pm

About project

What do we expect from the future? The authors of the videomapping with the title Nucleus3 raised this question. Facade of the Church of St. Ludmila means for them much more than just serving as canvas. Instead, the artists utilize individual architectonical elements helping them to tell the story about the past, present and future. Thus, the whole building is a sort of unique protagonist of this picturesque story.

This visual tornado loaded with emotions provides every spectator with the space for own interpretation of what is going on in front of his/her eyes. In this way, everyone will be able to answer the raised question on his/her own.

About artist

The German creative label is specialized in 3D immersive projects and motion and media design. In 2010, it was established by Kristian Andresen, Michał Banisch and Philip Modest Schambelan originally as an art group. Their role gradually moved closer to digital design and research. Owing to the architectonical background of its members, the label is often engaged in the architecture.

Supported by

  • Prague 2

  • Mercedes-Benz