7pm - 11pm

About project

SSSSSSpace project excels with the unique combination of technologies. They are blended in a site-specific installation in the Rieger’s Orchards adjacent to a monument celebrating 150th anniversary of Sokol movement.

A visual ride across the layers of techniques that are mutually complementing, overlapping or contradictory to each other is unveiled in front of the audience and it depicts possible utopian future of street art in the forthcoming one hundred years.

Combination of a novel place, distinct installations and anamorphous graffiti with 3D projection creates unique concept that definitely takes the bystanders from reality. SSSSSSpace is, however, also related to the artists themselves. It actually provides them with new unreal space where they have freedom and space to create absolutely anything.

About artist

This young flexible crew was founded as a project of the Technical University in Liberec and other contemporary culture connoisseurs from the north. From its very beginning in 2014, the visual studio _STROY has created design on the borderline of art and technology. Nowadays, this brand gives rise to the projects ranging from web-design, motion or 3D graphic design to installations and mapping. They are unique primarily due to common work of experts in different fields with insight from many perspectives and mingling of various expertise.

Supported by

  • Sokol

  • Pražská plynárenská

  • ČT art