Chevalvert (FR) → STRATUM

7pm - 11pm

About project

Over ninety metal totems are one by one illuminated and the light is switched off according to the visitor’s wish. A mere hand movement over a special control panel is sufficient to enliven the interactive installation called Stratum. This simple spectator’s gesture transforms it into a sophisticated light play. The French Chevalvert Studio has managed to make a visual record of the human activity and enliven it with almost tangible properties.

The individual light layers stacking on the totems are a whole range of layers which, one by one, create our world. The first flashes of light appear in the depths of caves, they go through the land, rain and lighting and end up somewhere in the stratosphere. In addition, each of the layers is accompanied with its own sound effect.

About artist

Chevalvert is a visual design studio established in 2007 by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet. The studio is based on an open and multidisciplinary approach to design, it avoids preconceived solutions where the form always serves the idea.

Chevalvert Studio cooperates with various institutions and does not forget about self-initiated projects. You might have encountered it at the SIGNAL Festival 2014 with the installation called Murmur.

Supported by

  • Tower Park Praha

  • Prague 3