Barbora Šlapetová & Lukáš Rittstein (CZ) → Together, in parallel

7pm - 11pm

About project

The basis of this film-sculptural object is a car that is cut lengthways. The sides of a driver and the front seat passenger have been interchanged symbolically, which makes their original sense become trivial. Though in a new circular connection they float through the space-time continuum together side by side. The strange scene is framed by a circular glare of a film picture keeping an eye on one of the last surviving tribal chief taking a stroll in the middle of the globalized world.

The installation represents a metaphor of the contemporary world where advanced technologies meet with archetypal cultures and religions. Paradoxically enough, the world of the artificial intelligence is here to complete the life in its most basic archaic form.

What is the destination of this peculiar space ship and who is its driver?

Film part of the installation created with support of: Eallin Motion Art, MCAE, Státní fond kinematografie, ICS, Advance Investments, FotoŠkoda, Fotonova, Barrisol, OAKS Consulting, Bang, České sítě.

About artist

For already 20 years, Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein have been both recognized as one of the most remarkable artists at the Czech scene. It is well demonstrated by the prestigious Jindřich Chalupecký Award or Magnesia Litera Award won for a book entitled Proč je noc černá (Why the Night Is Black). They have represented the Czech Republic with their work also at international exhibitions EXPO Shanghai 2010 and EXPO Milano 2015.

The theme of the multimedia artistic projects on which they collaborate together is the clash of the last surviving native tribes with the globalized civilization that is derived from their repeated expeditions to Western Papua.     

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