Verge (Jana Mercogliano) (CZ) → UNREST

7pm - 11pm

About project

The world around us comprises very small particles that are not visible to the mere eyes. Their constellation is not solid and everything around us is in the constant move. Particles exchange their energy, twinkle, detach and join each other again. Rest is just illusive; a slight change of the environment, a butterfly’s flapping of wings or deflection of solar energy is sufficient to emerge sharp radiance from the darkness in a flash… growth changes into collapse and a regular grid changes into a bunch of rays.

Our company is also created by constant movement and exchange of energy among people. Relationships can be observed in the “big world” in a similar manner as at essential particles of the matter. A sudden movement brings unexpected changes. What does our future depend on? What role a human being plays in the course of the whole society? What are the reactions among people and mass behaviour?

Light points of the installation UNREST tremble with energy driven by movement of water streams deep under the level of the river Vltava. They react on their own or as a totality.

About artist

Verge graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA in California, she currently lives and works in Prague. She has focused on physical structures and processes. In order to monitor them, she uses various mechanisms through which she can recognize regularities in seemingly chaotic arrangement of complex clusters or she observes limits of particular phenomena via simulations. With the use of technologies, she materializes process interaction and monitors reactions among individual elements and their outer manifestation.

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