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About project

A meteorite struck Vojan Gardens. No one knows where it came from and why. However, the cosmic body has an extremely beautiful shape with a special atmospheric light. There are rumours that the meteorite did not fall by accident, but was directed to a clearly defined location, using unusual telepathic communication. The purpose of its presence sounds seemingly simple: to establish the order that has been so much needed for some time. Inappropriate behaviour and actions must be corrected or changed immediately. The mysterious meteorite has many features that are unusual on the planet, or, say, uncommon. One of them is invisibility. If the visitors wish to see the meteorite, they must first see themselves in the installed mirror and search their conscience. If they are innocent and cleansed of all falsehood or dishonesty, the meteorite is revealed to them in all its beauty and cosmic appeal. But if they are the ones who cause the mess and make life difficult for their closest ones, they should rather stay in the background. We don’t know what can happen, but anyway. What if it was true, after all?

The music for this installation was created by a Czech producer dné. His mostly instrumental work on the waves of ambient is characterized by piano sounds, clapping and street noises.

One of the main components of the installation, the source of atmospheric light, will be provided by the Czech company LASVIT, which is a partner of this installation.

Tickets to the Gallery Zone are available online and on-site at all gallery locations and info points for 250 CZK . Children from 6 to 15 years old and seniors from 65 years of age have 50 CZK discount.

About artist

Eva Jiřičná is the world's most recognised architect of Czech origin. Her work is characterised by architectural versatility, harmony between form and function, as well as the emphasis on the use of glass and metal in bold structures that bring natural light into the interior of buildings. With her Prague and London studios, she creates many interiors as well as family houses, designs public buildings of various types, including a library, hotel, university, convention centre and transportation terminal. Jiřičná has become a prominent representative of the high-tech style which is, however, not lacking certain elegance and softness of the form or lightness of expression.

Supported by

  • Radiožurnál

  • Lasvit

  • AGC