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About project

‘Intensive reflections on modernity’ is a site-specific architectural expansion of audiovisual work into the public space. The author extends abstract graphic patterns to the third dimension using volumetric laser light. He uses movement, volume and rhythm. Changes in dynamics, collisions, or complementary trajectories create a light choreography and scenario in which new configurations and shapes sharply contrast with previous scenes. Four powerful lasers operate about 10 meters above the Vltava River. The whole system works with basic geometric elements such as a point, line or circle. The essence of the installation is absolute or even descriptive synchronisation of laser beam and sound movement. The perfect synesthesia that the piece of work ultimately deconstructs through its own language.

Important notice: Due to the ongoing commemorative event at Žofín, the sound is turned off from 7 pm at the Bridge of Legions at the installation of Intensive reflections on modernity on the Smetana Embankment and it is muted on the Smetana Embankment not to disturb the memorial atmosphere.

About artist

Jakub Pešek is a light designer, visual artist and scenographer who has been studying possibilities of working with light in relation to space for a long time. He runs the Lunchmeat creative studio the work of which borders on art and modern technology. He is also the founder of the Lunchmeat Festival focusing on electronic music and new media. His music contains a balanced blend of fragile sensitivity and brutal abilities of subdued physics, a melancholic stream of subtle harmonies, intelligent beats with tension that gradually rise to the edge of the unknown. In addition to his solo project under his own name Aitcher Clark, he is also a member of the trip-pop project Anakver and the electronic-techno-industrial duo LOFN.

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