Tereza Bartůňková, Štěpán Hejzlar, Oliver Torr, Ondřej Merta (CZ) → Signal Soundscape: Inner Land Study I.

About project

Is loneliness rare? Or even necessary? Is it possible to create conditions for a collective experience on the edge of a spiritual experience? Can we understand our own desires, wishes, supplications or needs through the arts? Is it possible today to investigate the countryside without the thought of an ongoing irreversibly approaching climate catastrophe? A team of artists is trying to articulate these questions in the audio-visual study Inner Land I. And perhaps it tries to find answers to them. Let the creators get you out of the everydayness of the big city. To elevate and dive into images, shapes, the associations or echoes of natural elements and phenomena. The moment of loneliness in the landscape can lead to a strong experience, to the moment of enlightenment, reconciliation or meditation. Somewhere on this border, between art, light, music and inner landscape, artists will guide you. Let yourself be tempted, calm down, stop, think, see. And then you will be abandoned. Thankfully.

This unique thirty-minute audiovisual concert can be seen on all festival days from 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00. Admission fee in the online sale and on the spot is 290 CZK. Children (6-15 y.o.) and seniors (65+) have a discount of 50 CZK. The price with the Signal Pass is 190 CZK on the spot (for all ages). The entry in not included in the Signal Pass.

About artist

Tereza Bartůňková, after completing her master studies in scenography at DAMU in Prague, is engaged in art projects in various fields. It eclectically floats between the world of illustration, theatre and music. She collaborates on projects in leading Czech theatres and in smaller experimental companies. She likes to express herself through the medium of light, with the help of which she creates an ephemeral atmosphere that can bring the viewer into the inner landscape of her own subconscious.

Štěpán Hejzlar is one of the main technicians and stage designers in the Alta performance space. He focuses on light, sound, and poetic processing of technical elements in a theatre context. He has also collaborated on music events such as Silent Night.

Oliver Torr is an audio-visual artist living in Prague and co-founder of the XYZ collective. He adopted an alternative approach to sound while studying in London, where he began to perceive music in a wider spectrum of audio-visual art.

Ondrej Merta (nona rec, XYZ, Bastl) is a musician and preacher based on the environment of industrial solitude.

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