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Werich Villa – Panel discussions | Nostitz Garden – Picnic on Planet Giegling 

12 October 2019, 15:00 – 19:00

Signal Transmit is a platform for digital culture, audiovisual arts, education and technology. In addition to organising workshops and lectures, it also produces audiovisual art and performance. As part of this year’s Signal Festival, Transmit will prepare an educational and music program on Saturday 12 October in Werich Villa and the nearby Nostitz Garden.


The Signal Festival is defined mainly by art, technology, public space and society; these topics, in connection with the theme of this year’s festival, will be part of three panel discussions in the Werich Villa. THIS PROGRAM IS IN CZECH ONLY.

revolution in art?

start: 15:00

The first panel discussion, led by moderator Sasha Michailidis, will focus on developing an approach to artistic creation over the past thirty years and the view of the invited artists on its future. Five prominent artists of different generations and artistic methods accepted the invitation to this panel discussion; their work can also be seen during this year’s Signal Festival. You can look forward to David Kořínek, Jiří Franta (artistic group Rafani), Andrej Boleslavský, Pavel Korbička and Tereza Bartůňková.

will technology save us? 

start: 15:30

In a panel discussion on the revolution in technology, we decided to link the topic of technology and the environment/public space. Influencing climate through technological solutions, i.e. geoengineering, can be a possible future and a revolutionary approach to tackling climate problems. In this panel discussion, we would like to introduce two Czech projects that deal with this topic. The first of them is HITECARLO, a research project at the Institute of gaseous and solid fuels and air protection, which addressed the capture of CO2 from the atmosphere in the Czech Republic. This project will be represented by Ing. Marek Staf, a teacher at the University of Chemistry and Technology. The second project is the autonomous system S.A.W.E.R. which will be the main attraction of the Czech pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. It is an invention of Czech scientists who produce water from the air in the desert. Director of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings doc. Ing. Lukáš Ferk accepted the invitation to take part in the panel discussion.

after velvet

start: 17:30

Czech history did not end in 1989. The thirty years after November 1989 fundamentally shaped our present but today’s teenagers and those in their 20s experienced the events of the 1990s and beyond only indirectly or through children’s eyes, and they are therefore history for them. What did they hear about them at home and at school, and how do they view the development of the post-November Czechia? These questions will be answered by the new Radio Wave After velvet podcast series and discussed by Vítek Svoboda and Hana Řičicová with the distinctive faces of the Czech Generation Z as part of Transit.



Picnic on planet Giegling

In the Nostitz Garden, Giegling, a famous German label of contemporary electronic music, will present an audiovisual installation at the Signal Festival, full of kinetic sculptures referring to the 100-year anniversary of the revolutionary Bauhaus art school. For Saturday afternoon, the label prepared a special show amidst its kinetic works that will invite you to a unique musical picnic on the planet Giegling. Bring a picnic basket with you.

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