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About project

The walls of the streets are the canvas. At least during the revolution, the times of oppression and pressure. Forms of street art appear as perhaps the first manifestations of anti-regime defiance and self-expression. These street canvases, like the original Lennon Wall, which was a proud bearer of protest signs and poetry in the 1970s and 1980s, became a free inspiration for the installation The Wall. This 9×4 meter long projection in Lannova park awaits creative revolt and free expression of the collective mind. Visitors to the festival can be involved in the final form of this temporary canvas by means of light torches which draw shapes and various abstract images. They themselves become active participants of revolt, modern digital sprayers, lighthouses in the darkness, which is symbolic for the whole festival. Every active individual, who releases the bridle of his fantasy, is suddenly part of a deeper whole. Because revolution means change. And change is the emergence of the new or unexpected.

About artist

Creative studio Oficina belongs to the pioneers of Czech motion design. It skilfully moves on the border of graphic design, animation, digital video, but also complex interactive installations. This studio is also the organizer of the recognized motion design festival Mouvo, which this year for the fourth time in Prague introduced the world top of its field. Lately, the studio is engaged in interactive design, which you can know for example from exhibitions in the unique space of Prague CAMP. Oficina has also been the author of the Signal Festival's visual identity for several years now which this year newly intertwines also with this installation.