Lukáš Dřevjaný (CZ) → Impakt

19:00 → 24:00
  • Installation

About project

An audio-visual installation inspired by powerful, extraordinary and even life-changing moments. Impact as the physical impact of an object, but also impact in a figurative sense. A strong impulse causing a chain reaction of events. On the one hand there is the accelerated pulse and adrenaline. The reflexes are aroused, the presence takes place in the moment. On the other hand, one can see the space for distance, contemplation and evaluation. 

Signal Festival is about bringing extraordinary beauty to everyday life of our modern world. As a long-standing symbol of entertainment World of Tanks participates in this year’s Signal Festival to bring you an extraordinary experience. Immerse yourself into the World of Tanks during the event and then also on PC, where you can play 600 tanks on more than 40 maps. We look forward to seeing you both, offline and online.

About artist

Lukáš Dřevjaný, alias oxoo, works with visual media from lighting design, videos to virtual reality. He combines them in live performances, theatre shows and his own installations. He uses light as a means to manipulate the senses and convey intense audiovisual experiences. He is a lighting designer and live video performer for events focused on progressive club electronic music, such as Lunchmeat Festival and Addict Rave. He co-founded focused on working with new media and owns He also currently mentors technology at the Art&Digital Lab in Hall 40 at the Prague Market Hall. 

The sound design for the artwork was created by Aitcher Clark, a Prague-based producer of electronic music influenced by industrial, techno, ambient and experimental music. A member of the LOFN project, which released its latest piece "Post-Apo Romance" on the prestigious Italian label Veyl Records. His music contains a balanced blend of delicate sensitivity and brutal abilities of muted physicality, a melancholic stream of subtle harmonies, intelligent beats with tension that gradually rise to the edge of opening up to the unknown.