Martin Marek (CZ) → You, Too, Are in Denial of Climate Change!

19:00 → 24:00
  • Sound installation

About project

Seemingly unconnected slogans from manipulative headlines of mass media. Confrontation of news construction by the media. Interferences point to the global issue of trustworthiness of news media, the spread of disinformation, alarmism and propaganda through digital media. This sound intervention urges us to reflect on how to deal with the amount of unfounded information that distorts the reality. It encourages critical and disciplined thinking based on evidence, logic and structure. Each revolution starts from the bottom.

About artist

Martin Marek focuses on sound art in the context of environmental changes, sound ecology and field recordings, deep listening, perception and interpretation of audio environment. He creates sound objects and instruments, spatial site-specific installations and interventions and music compositions.

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  • Partner of the installation


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