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About project

Back and forth. Flux is a kinetic and light installation composed of rotating propellers that create a graceful choreography. The modular system of these projection propellers can intersperse any shape and pictorial material. The image thus seemingly hangs in the air and is controlled by software. The result is a circular, living, organic and reactive object that moves from poetic to tumultuous states.

In their works, Collectif Scale regularly confront organic and architectural structures with new technologies and dynamic light. Once the artists mastered light as their main medium, they began to explore the world of movement, kinetics and robotics. The result is a dynamic object that constantly moves back and forth.

Flux is coproduced with Tetro, Festival Constellations Metz and Region Grand Est.

The international programme of Signal Festival 2022 is supported by the PPF Foundation.

About artist

Collectif Scale is a ten-member artist collective. Pioneers in technological art, they creatively balance between music and visual, lighting and architectural design, contemporary art, nature, the future, man and machine. They draw inspiration from contemporary art and popular culture. Star Wars fascinates them as much as Victor Vasarely's op-art and kinetic art, the world of video games as much as modern art. Founded in 2011, the collective is now internationally acclaimed.

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