Pavla Beranová and Tereza Bartůňková (CZ) → Landscape of Levitation

19:00 - 24:00
  • Installation

About project

To hide, to fly away, to be lighter than air, to float, to soar. The installation Landscape of Levitation brings a piece of a world on the border between dream and reality, inhabited by beings that defy gravity. Its first form was created for the exhibition of the Capital City Gallery called Club as Shelter. Now it is being brought outdoors, into closer contact with the elements and the backdrop of the magical nighttime Klementinum.

The artist duo Tereza Bartůňková and Pavla Beranová work with intangible elements such as light, air and helium. The materials they choose are light and changeable – foils and fabrics with varying degrees of transparency. Water, fog and wind also play an important role, bringing a necessary element of unpredictability to the installation.

Jan Burian’s sound design combines everything into one harmonious whole. It follows the unknown language of levitating beings and the landscape as an entity and as such it oscillates between language and landscape. The installation Landscape of Levitation is a celebration of lightness.

About artist

Pavla Beranová is a lighting designer. She collaborates with architects, focuses on exhibition lighting, stage lighting and light installations. She worked as a lighting designer at ACT lighting design studio in Brussels. She now lives in Prague but regularly participates in dance performances, concerts and operas in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Tereza Bartůňková is a visual artist working in the field of scenography, illustration, graphics and light installations.
She completed her MA in scenography at KALD DAMU. She is mainly involved in the creation of original projects with an emphasis on the audiovisual component. She collaborates with leading Czech theatres and on smaller experimental projects.

Jan Burian is a composer and sound designer. He collaborates with theatre, film, art and music creators in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Ondřej Eremiáš is a designer and artist who combines both technical and artistic skills. His domains are flying helium-filled objects, from airships to completely abstract ones, at the theatre, large concerts, and even the Olympic Games. He often participates in collaborative projects with other artists, including the field of pure fine art, design, architecture and scenography.

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