Julie Dítětová (CZ) → Programming Patterns (NEON Award)

19:00 - 24:00
  • Projection

About project

The Programming Patterns project is an experiment that uses the StyleGAN 2 neural network to generate visual data whose morphology is based on real motifs of 18th century church fabrics. The principle of pattern generation is to first create a curated dataset from the original motifs present on the fabrics. This is followed by a machine process in which the neural network defines visual features and generates a wide array of possibilities from which new (synthetic) outputs are created to produce the most reliable imitations of the original patterns by successive iterations. The creation of the dataset is an authorial element, i.e. a work of human creativity, which has a major influence on the form of the final output.

The machine-generated patterns are projected onto the screen as a sequence with a smooth transformation of motifs. On the website patterns.umprum.cz you can see a selection of the generated patterns, some of the original patterns, and additional information about the project.

The work was created as a part of the Neon Prize art competition organised by Signal Festival together with Pražská Plynárenská. The aim of the open call is to support innovative art projects focused on contemporary digital technologies, animation, motion design and 3D animation.

The concept of the work was created as part of the diploma thesis at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague in the studio of Design and Digital Technology.

About artist

Julie Dítětová (1995) is a graduate of the Design and Digital Technology studio at UMPRUM in Prague. In her free work, she deals with historical themes, which she places in new contexts through contemporary technologies, allowing new possibilities of their perception. In 2021 she won the Best in Design competition with her innovative design "Czech Flag Online". Her diploma thesis "Programming Patterns" was awarded as an exceptional work at the Graduates 2022 exhibition. In her work, she also focuses on typography, visual identity and wayfinding systems.